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We hire Post Docs, Project and Msc students, medical students and clinicians. PhD candidates are recruited via open calls; however, feel free to contact us to query about this in more detail. See more info below and let us know if you’d like to join us!

Two fixed term postdoc positions (2 years) are available at Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM). We welcome applications both from recent PhD graduates and more experienced scientists. Experimentalists, computer scientists and hybrids alike are encouraged to apply. Researchers aiming for academic principal investigator positions in the future are encouraged to apply for independent funding during their first year in NCMM.


The aim of the Haapaniemi group is to build a gene editing platform that can be used to correct patient-specific mutations in ex vivo cell therapies for genetic immune and other rare childhood diseases. We will use high-throughput biology techniques to optimize, develop and understand the CRISPR-Cas system that forms the base of the platform, and develop and implement methods to evaluate its safety in a clinical setting. We will use the modified gene editing technologies for the benefit of the patients in the Nordic hospitals.


The aim of the Saarela group is to identify novel genetic causes for rare and complex immune and hematological diseases and improve their diagnostics and treatment. We use modern genetic and informatics methods, including deep learning, to analyze genomics and clinical data, as well as molecular genetics and cell biology approaches to understand molecular bases of the diseases and normal immune function. We will also use NGS based methods to identify molecular diagnosis for patients suffering from rare genetic disorders to enable accurate prediction of disease course, targeted treatment and genetic counselling.


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  • Postdoctoral fellows

    We take postdocs both in open NCMM calls and upon direct requests. For postdocs aspiring to become group leaders, we recommend applying for own funding, as both good publications and independent grants are mandatory to secure a PI position in European and North American universities.

    We can help you in formulating the project plan and drafting the grant application. You can find a list of international postdoc grants in this shared Google Sheet.

  • Project and Msc students

    We accept Msc students locally and internationally. We are also happy to offer internships of varying lengths to project students.

    Generally, we require a minimum stay of 2 months and expect your host university or exchange program (Erasmus or equivalent) to fund you for these short stays. If applicable, we can help you to draft a grant application.

  • Medical students & doctors

    We work with medical personnel from various disciplines, and initiate new translational projects based on their clinical observations. We are actively looking for clinical collaborators and part-time (50%) clinicians to join our group.

    Medical students are also welcome to do projects in our laboratory. We encourage you to enroll a MD-PhD program (“forskerlinje” or similar) that covers your stipend during your project work.

  • PhD candidates

    NCMM recruits PhD students on open calls which we publish on this webpage. If you’re interested in pursuing a PhD in NCMM, you can subscribe a job alert to your email. We cannot hire PhD candidates outside official calls, but can sometimes take very motivated students for short-term (<12 months) salaried research assistant positions that increase their likelihood of success in the official PhD call.

  • Patients & families

    We are open for feedback and suggestions from families affected with rare immunological diseases. We also work with patient organizations. In selected cases, we can help your treating clinician in diagnostics and therapy, but we don't directly see patients. If you wish to contribute to our research, please contact us using the form below.

  • Other staff

    If you want to work for our lab in any other role, we are happy to discuss opportunities with you on a case-by-case basis. You can contact us using the below form and let us know how you could contribute to our team.


If you're interested in applying for or even just discussing possible opportunities with us, don't hesitate to let us know! 🙂